Friday, November 9, 2007

1-Day/overnight Itinerary #1: What Not to Miss

Your schedule is tight--you want to see Denali and drive to several parts of Alaska, and have only one overnight here in the Palmer area. What should you definitely see? Here's a list, assuming you're already going to Denali, Talkeenta, and Anchorage other days of your vacation.

Check in at the B&B and get your bearings. If you haven't had dinner yet, the place that's easy to get to is Evangelo's, just a couple miles from the B&B. If you're still fresh for a bit of adventure, go to Hatcher Pass. The drive is gorgeous--a definite "wow!" Near the summit is Hatcher Pass Lodge, which is a good place for dinner (be sure to arrive before 7 since they don't serve very late). Independence Mine State Park gold mine is next to that lodge, so it is a good place to stroll after dinner if the weather is still nice. Come back to the B&B and enjoy other guests or relax in your room.

In the morning after a hearty breakfast, you can fit in a half-day adventure before heading for your next destination. Choose from:
--taking a scenic drive to the Matanuska Glacier and trekking out onto the blue ice
--going to the Iditarod Headquarters and the Transporation Museum in Wasilla
--exploring Palmer's shops, the Visitor Center and gardens, and the Musk Ox Farm
--getting in a good 1-hour or 2-hour hike in the mountains nearby
--take a half-day ATV tour into the backcountry

See other posts in this blog for things to do if your interests include birding, antiquing, guy-stuff, or if you're traveling with kids.

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